Where Can I Get An Example Of A 3-Paragraph Essay?

A three paragraph essay is the most basic and elementary of the essay formats. This framework has always been the first ever means of advancement in every student's life. These three paragraphs, ideally, are, Introduction, Subject Matter or Body and lastly Conclusion. The ABCs of drafting an essay have always started from mastering a three paragraph piece first and then upgrading to an advanced structure. Although this format is prefatorial by nature yet it can never be underestimated. Executing a composition within just three paragraphs takes a lot of practice as one is required to write as compact and concise as possible. Sometimes the true essence is hard to capture. There are more than one source of a three paragraph essay, these are:

  • Books- yes, you heard me right! Students rarely buy or open them to look for such topics. It is the best source even today, no matter how extensively other sources are used books will always be that loyal friend waiting to provide information. You may look into good old grammar books or references for essays. Recently, I discovered an unexpected nook from where came out a thrust of fresh and different topics. At the end of every didactic story, you would find a philosophical question which is no different than a topic of disquisition. All you need to have is a unique perspective.
  • Internet sites- the easiest and the fastest way to look for essay topics are checking the plethora of websites. As you open a search engine, Google, Yahoo or Bing, and type whatever you need the internet to search for you, hundreds of link pop up. In these links you could also customize your search by filtering or choosing the advanced search option. Also you may visit book editing services.
  • Newspapers- the editorial column of any and every newspaper is fraught with topics which you can write a piece on. Letters and comments on this column deal with countless number of topics hot off the press.
  • Question papers- competitive exams' question papers have separate language sections, if you have or develop a habit of either storing or gathering various question papers then you might get lucky and find a whole gamut of language questions relating to discourse. Question banks is another reliable source for these as well as examples.

These are the most run-of-the-mill sources from where you can procure examples of three paragraph essay topics. Keeping these aside you can also look up different articles and magazines.