Easy Steps to Composing an Outstanding Essay

Different types of compositions have different style of writing:

There are different types of compositions and there are different ways to write them. Some students possess natural talent to write them without facing any serious problem while others score low in their academic assignments as they don’t have a knack to crack the nut. However, those who are unaware of writing different patterns should understand the basic principles of writing.

Steps to write an outstanding composition:

  1. Pick an interesting topic: If the topic has already been provided to you, try to collect interesting facts, figures, examples and other facets that can keep the reader engrossed. Narrow down your topic to keep your work original and unique. If you have to choose the topic yourself, then make a list of topics and choose the best one among them.
  2. Make Preparations: For different types of writing, you need to collect matter accordingly. Study the topic from a variety of sources to get the accurate information. For example a persuasive writing demands list of arguments supporting individual points while cause and effect essay demands you to write the various causes for an effect. Process essay asks you to write various steps of any process and so on. Refer various resources from library, web, magazines, journals, neighborhood etc.
  3. Prepare an outline: Plan your matter according to the topic in advance. It will assist greatly while writing process. Arrange your ideas in three major sections- Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Ensure that the introduction and conclusion sections are very interesting and keeps the reader engrossed throughout the reading process. Conclusion is concise and does not include any new information but includes the gist if the entire writing in 4-5 lines. Furthermore, write body with headings where each heading revolves around a separate point.
  4. Write your draft: After you prepare the draft for the first and the second time, you need to edit and re-edit them to get the final piece. Once you have written the substance based on the outline, it makes your first piece of draft.
  5. Revise and edit: Now revise and make the changes accordingly. Arrange the matter in order of preference. Make corrections for any spelling mistakes, missing words, punctuations etc. Experts from IBuyEssay also recommend a final piece of title when your writing is complete if you have chosen the topic yourself. Ensure that your title is eye catching and informative.